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Sophie Robbie

Works in a Salon suite at Activspace in the Mission District

Ever tried a Vivid color only to have it fade almost immediately? Wanted to try pastels but have heard they are impossible to maintain? Is there even a Vivid hair color that actually lasts?Maintains it’s vibrancy, depth, and tonality for more than a week?

I have a solution that I have spent years perfecting! You even get to wash your hair more than once a week!


Curly Folx from 2A to 4C  I can help you get those juicy Curls. Most Curly folx have a mix of Curl types throughout their hair. I tailor with Curl cutting techniques and natural moisture products to leave your unique pattern lush and bouncy. I love custom color designs specific to my Curly folx.


My nickname is Chismosa, which means gossip in Spanish. I love a good story ! One of the best parts of my job is hearing the fascinating stories of my diverse and bad ass clients . Myself and My Business believe that


Black Lives Matter

LGBTQIA Rights are Human Rights

All Bodies are Good Bodies

Feminism is for Everyone

We are located on Ohlone, Ramaytush, and Muwekma Native Lands


I’ve been a hairstylist for 16 years, I am a IATSE local 706 union member. I’ve worked in salon, on set, and at stage right. The coolest thing about my profession is there are always more tricks to learn. My curiosity keeps me evolving as a stylist.


I’m just a Queerdo with a uniquely

San Francisco aesthetic and approach to style I’ve developed over my 25 years in the city. Come tell me your story?


Image of Owner Sophie Robbie
vintage poster art of San Francisco
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